A team with nationally recognized and award-winning projects.

Joining forces from some of the country’s most respected design firms, our tightly integrated architecture and engineering team focuses on distilling decades of experience into beautiful, leading-edge buildings and spaces.

Katerra architecture is crisp, contemporary, and respectful of site and community. We reflect quality through simplified forms, purposeful material choices, and thoughtful detailing. We strive to balance form and function, optimize for manufacturing and reduced waste, enable shorter construction timelines, and help to lower lifetime ownership costs.

We can work with clients at any stage of their project, translating outside designs into manufacturable assemblies, collaborating with partner architects to jointly optimize a project, or using our highly optimized building system to create wholly original designs.

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Katerra Design Partners 

Michael Green Architecture

Michael Green Architecture is a globally recognized leader in mass timber architecture creating engaging, sustainable and innovative projects.

As a Katerra design partner, MGA provides clients with thoughtful and sustainable solutions of all scales and typologies supported by Katerra’s technology expertise.  

Lord Aeck Sargent

Lord Aeck Sargent is a leading architecture, interior design, and planning firm.

As a Katerra company, LAS contributes to Katerra's design expertise, capability, and U.S. footprint, while sharpening the focus on innovation across the spectrum of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, preservation and interiors.


Katerra Design Consortium

Design Consortium Partners

Our goal is to bring a new level of efficiency and precision to the design and construction industry while pursuing the highest levels of quality and creativity. Beautiful design, efficient projects, sustainable practices—we believe you can have it all.

In pursuit of these ambitions, we created the Katerra Design Consortium—a small panel of external advisors made up of leading thinkers and doers in the architectural industry.

Consortium members will collaborate closely with Katerra, regularly providing feedback as we develop and expand the portfolio of Katerra products and design tools. The consortium's combined expertise will help guide our design direction and push our thinking beyond the status quo, helping to set new market and product standards.